my son archie


the run-away bride, your Mount Everest


Seek protection under the dove's wings

Our Lady Of Guadalupe

Our Lady Of Guadalupe
Graced by Nay Tita, your light shines on



Just A Piece In Her Chessboard?

Just A Piece In Her Chessboard?
To restore Arts Health and integration back to society

Eulogy For Marina

Eulogy For Marina
In Honor Of The Virgin Of Antipolo

I Am The Clown Bobo

I Am The Clown Bobo
Through her eyes, my grand daughter, Tiara Luise Imperial

Blessings To My Soul

Blessings To My Soul
Mama Tita, Your Light Lives On

Solar Energy From Lifeless Objects

Solar Energy From Lifeless Objects
A collection from my antiques

Oil In Nana's Kitchen

Oil In Nana's Kitchen
I Big Mo...from my cash register....

Born In The House Of Levi

Born In The House Of Levi
A design, concept and rendition in collaboration with my son

Artist In Saint Bartholomew

Artist In Saint Bartholomew
My niece Malen

Bitter-Sweet Memories

Bitter-Sweet Memories
Held at the entrance

Coconut Vendor, done by Carmen Herrera-Uy, early '80's, oil on canvasss

Coconut Vendor, done by Carmen Herrera-Uy, early '80's, oil on canvasss
Reserved for Manang Grace E-M...Herrera

Lotus, Emblem Of Truth And Purity

Lotus, Emblem Of Truth And Purity
By Oscar M. Figuracion Jr.

Keep Still My Jittery Bug

Keep Still My Jittery Bug
Kalachuchi flowers, a reflection....

My veil as a bride

My veil as a bride
Mother of one, surrogate of many

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Moose To Goose

Recounting my child all over again
As a fairy's wand leading him along
From the Nile river to courts of Solomon
Us acting as guides and guard to another

For we are alll mothers caring for someone
Specially with our child in our arms
Feeding him milk from a cow that says "MOO"
Serving as "SE", as system engineer

Now seeing my image as a goose in a pond
After feeling the goosepimples in a song
Under God's presence through His Holy Spirit

Cuddled softly under a tree of the Motherland

Payday, Payday

Paying some lads for showing the way
Singing songs "Say you, say me"
Packaging maidens shopping around
As the husk of grain from their granary

Each will be paid accordingly
Some with just with a bat of an eyelash
For their awakening into this world
From some hidden spring from an Oasis

But some will be kneading the dough
To bake the bread for sustenance
Some will purchase butter for better taste
Some will cook meat for our muscle

To top it all for an aftertaste
Decadence minicakes served in a tray

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Amazon Queen Versus Attila The Barbarian

Am I in my height of my dellusion?
Of a war of Puritans within our economy
Doting touch-me-not Mary's, and Attila The Barbarian
All too greedy multiplying for his ghetto kingdom
Reaching even to planets beyond

They are the extreme leftist, from their wedding bands
Versus their dream of new lovers through engagement rings
They are the first sons of Abraham Ishmael from Hagar
Down to the second sons from the wife Sarai
From the dead Jesus left hanging,
To new creations for a new beginning

For you cannot confine the world to plain black and white
There also some shades like gray

Friday, May 28, 2010

Height Of Domesticity

Travelling around since childhood
Flying to the heights of freedom
For my ailing son, drained by some lass so greedy
Draining His pockets through a lead rosary

Her power of suggestion I am unmasking
Blindlessly following her Egyptian King
I am a true Pilipino, refusing Blood Money
Ugly Pay I say around Judas' Belt

His golden watch was pawned for Her Perfect Gift
A comb for her hair so long and black
Did not know she had her hair sold for his gift
I cannot remember now, exactly for where is it

It was braided into a necklace if I must guess
Of a lady who attended a party of the upperclass
Wanted to belong, she borrowed from a rich maiden
Lost it somewhere, paid it monthly for life

Lost her youth earning, to payback her dues
And all was finished to the last shilling
Only to realize, the necklace is an immitation of the real one
Somewhere in time thrown to the sea of Nautilus

Undercover Machine

Posing as human although machine
Sold as a slave to the Ming Dynasty
Too expensive to keep for a poor family
A civil contract was bounded through a ceremony

For an insurance she was asked to sign,
Never to be a prodigal son
Never to forsake His kingdom
But her heart continued beating for someone

He came as a lover who kissed her in the shadows
As a memory from the King of Siam
Down to the family in the hills of Austria
Starting all over again with a "DO"

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Patents And Royalties

Did I invent it, or it invented me?
Was my question as a five year old child
Searching for a place in my universe
Asking if everything stops, when I sleep
Re-birthing again into my consciousness as I awake

My younger brother was he three?
Related to me of our God's existence
Someone who never sleeps and watches
Guiding our way in this earth
Now in some foreign shore in the West

Then a younger brother, was born to our brood
We were out in the streets, my younger brother
Looking after us, is an older one
We were looking at the stars as we pray
Saw a falling star from heaven

This star guided me through songs, essays and paintings
In my quest of my dream from every beginning
Experimenting in schools of some batteries
Relating to it through stage performances
Arousing me to write it in stories

Did I gain patent and royalties from all these?
All I treasure is the revelation of the transfiguration
Donned in the clothes of Jesus,to a glorified body
Round His tent, in a radiating light from Heaven
A dazzling white as snow, providing shelter for four
Moses,Elijah,Peter and God...,

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Her Grandfather's Clock, His Painting On His Wall

All I know is I follow the clan's tradition,
Working for our keep in our country
Down from my birth in Bataan
To our home within Tandang Sora

For she is the woman who sawed the first Filiino Flag
Having imbibed our leader's teachings through our schools
Crafted as the Grandfather's clock as a ball hanging on a string
From tin cans of improvised toys pulled by a boy through a string

From folded paper boats flowing through water streams
To paper kites in the sky pulled by strings
Processed from sundial to some watch hanging
From a gentleman's belt by a chain

Now the painting in Malacanang palace by Viclarosa
As a memorial to our National Hero Jose Rizal
To grace our presence, cruising the Pasig River,
By some pilot in His Gondola.


They are the cheerleaders in your team
Carrying pom-poms as your queen
The prom queen of some enchanted evening
Your lady like the song in the night

You dine with them through your eyes as rosebuds
Licking lollipops or ice cream
This verse flashes before my eyes of a tear-eyed boy
Covered by a strawhat holding a melting ice cream in a cone

You marry her under a veil like an Indian Maiden
With the red spot on her forehead the only point that shows
Then she disappears like a hissing cobra
With only traces of her skin, left by your flute

She is the ball of string with pieces you pick up on the way
To pull back to hatch the anchor on some foreign shore
It will serve as your guide, this ball of string
Through knots you tie at every fold

Feathers beneath your pillow to tide you through your dreams
As you awaken, your placebo in every beginning
With every cloud and sunshine from point to point
She is the pot of gold in your rainbow

Ghetto King Judas

They are the terrorists and corrupt official around
Tying pet dogs to a millionaire's tree
Remembering someone, tagging me as one
Refusing my coral cameo pin,
She converted it to a coral choker, her dog

Able to work her way thru our Treasury
Acting as a manager by climbing ladders
She even accused our president of the "Hello Garci"
She even rode on the passport controversy
People around even rode on their paper kite
Displacing people from their homes that they conquer
They are the mean Ghetto King Judases
Robbing rightful heirs of their heritage

Get out of my domain, you prostitute of a bull
You cause tensions around you bagger hag,
Mad multiple ten personalities, laying her fingers
All around her reach, drawing everything to her pig coin bank.....,

Saturday, May 22, 2010

All Mine To Give

I remember a movie of a girl left behind
Tending an orphaned family
Giving all to foster parents around
Under the veil of a bag lady

She gathers, sea shells, buttons, wrappers and things
Anything her fingers can pick
Mother nature guides her through plants
From cascading water plants,five-fingers and things
Planted a millionaire's plant, from branches somewhere
Learned to cook a native fish, wrapped in yellow green leaves
Inside are gathered small native fish called dilis

A suggestion to all mothers cooking for their children
You can serve your family in your own garden
Serve them with a menu, in a table, of their liking
Offer them release from tension, with down-to-earth ladies
Caused by jittery girls with ten multiple personalities

Thursday, May 20, 2010


I encounter point to point in this spiraling world
Controlled by investors in this IT world
Calling to hovering sattelites all around
Did I invent it or it invented me?

All robots powered by cars through a remote
Because of the song to bring back Bonnie
All I know now is a Holy Child
Protecting my soul to His calling, I submitted

Hide me under your wings my little mother
Your promise of protection I always treasure
My child granted me a lease to your presence
From a fairy tale I wove of a rooster's dream to fly

Inspired by the stories about the cockney lady
Selling fowers in the streets
Taken in by a gentleman, trained to speak and sing
Blowing to a candle, following the wind..

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Our Lady Of Guadalupe

Saw a vision of her through cabled TV
Of Our Mother Mary's apparition in Mexico
She came as Our Lady Of Guadalupe to Juan Diego
Who was able to gather yellow roses among the snow

To respond to Her prayers for the world
The bishop of the town built a chapel for her
An artist conceived her as a pregnant woman
Vested on aprons,with a cluster of yellow roses

I remember a trip beyond the border during the late ninety's
We ended on a gallery of canvass paintings
My ticket was my sister with her friend from Israel,
She bestowed me with a painting of yellow roses
Framed in an antique wood of oval opening

To say my appreciation of such blessing
Left my tip to them of sending her messages beyond....
Which I have now of the Lady's image on a piece of log in our town..

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Just A Piece In Her Chessboard?

Do you not realize my Art that she is spinning you around?
Afraid of her shadows caused by her sins....
Playing with you like a marble piece in her chessboard
Around her lover's court calling from beyond.....

Is he some soldier escaping to some foreign shore?
Wrapped with wrath, raping her sister's paradise left behind
Are you the tower controlling some volunteering bishops
I defeated my own legal uncle as a child

Now some clowns are bringing you to my own game
I just engage in one to defend our souls
All I am asking is peace within the confine of our home
But here you are, trying to also tear down, your ancestral home
Driving all of us to some unknown tomb
Bought by your family, to secure their rocks
You even planted some flag in Jesus' Court
Trying to sip every blood in my vein...

As I have been preaching to the little angels I am sheltering
If you become too expensive, I have to unload...

Grieve Not My Romeo

Grieve not my Romeo
For your memory never left my heart
Gathered from ages to ages
Some first, some last

For we are but Puppets on strings
Crafted by man, inspired by His master
We are the Romeo and Juliet, that Shakespeare wrote
Dying to self for His Kingdom

The Master guides his crafts from ages to ages
They line every street corner to channel it around
As the timepiece I bought for a song
It never left my bag, until it reached the destination

Maybe for a widowed named Marina, I met in the church
She was denied her house, as recanted by Lulu
Singing lullabies to San Lorenzo, to guide her souls
She said her heirs were driven to some foreign shores

This reminds me of Our Virgin From Antipolo
A small Icon left by my earthly mother
She is the "Lady Of Peace and Good Voyage"
Wanted to spread her blessings to Samar before
But some twist of Faith turned things around
Causing lives to be buried in the sea by some Vikings

I sing this song not to vendicate
But to give honor to where it is due....

Friday, May 14, 2010

My World Is Hanging By A Hairline

My world is like a ball of string we used to spin around
Now hanging by a hairline to a greater Kingdom...

All I know is I just begged for a son for my Art
I did not know he came with a battalion
Of some unknown soldiers who cried "MAY DAY"
And some Indians sending smokes to save their souls...

I jested my way as a carefree maiden
Brushing off some wooing clowns with laughter
Meaning to be rude is just an excuse
Of mother's wish through a bone

Now I realize that the song writer calling a slow-catching
Bobby was me...
Now realizing I am the clown called "BOBO"

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pillow Talk

Is it my child you are aborting?
Driving me away from my shelter
I remember working tirelessly to build it
A shelter for us in the storm...

I blessed you with sons are they mine?
All I know is I gathered rocks to leave behind
You would not be contented with my dreams...
Empty promises you followed with your vesting....

For beacon lights stem from rocks built by men.....
In their search for their golden gate to heaven,
These little crafts I will not leave behind
My wind and chimes will lead them.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Eulogy For Nay Tita

With your grace always present, you welcomed me
Waiting for a blessing from my groom's family
Though I was confused with your ways in times
Caused problems for your aching heart, due to delusions...

Now your memory and spirit gives us cause to live on....
Your memory I will always cherish, like a new song.....
Giving light from the stars trapped within our own soul...

A Theory On Solar Energy's Use

When you lose on something, do something to balance in...
Negative energies like ions can be put to service....

Catch them from rays into a silver-coated tin disc...
Store them in some basin inside your yard....
Maybe catch them in some alloy of jade.....
Is this the treasure chest from the East?

From negative points to positive...
Or is it the other way round, whatever is it..
Like the batteries of a car giving light on the road....
Light for your home to free you from darkness.....
Your light to your children coming from your Spirit.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Oil In Nana's Kitchen

Gathered antic rosebuds in my kitchen...
Over from my first visit to Tagaytay from San Andres...
Down to learning making salted duck's eggs in Cambridge
I now post in my PC from cameraworld...

Vast in the waters of Sea World in San Diego....
Everlasting flowers from Baguio..
Just fried French Fries with oils from Congressional St.
Over now in my old little antique banjo...

Born In The House Of Levi

Living my life all-over again...
As I chance upon this picture in my chest....
It is the emblem of my son's clothing,
Embroidered in canvass jeans, with buttons and thread.

Standing beside a small money tree in the east
Bounded in the west by a Chinese Bamboo,
Housed under the roof of a new Vegas....
Shall it be, or shall it not?
The future's not ours to see, a song I learned,
One ordinary morning.

Little Artist In My Soul

By colors on board or magical words
Spinning your magic for His Kingdom
Pictures as far as the eyes can see
Inner heart of soul or light of mind sailing

Came as inspiration whispered by Eve
Mother or daughter in the coop
As pellets are fed, palay or corn ears
Gobbled within your gizzard....

His spirits came in tongues of fire
Swimming around within the vast sea
Then merchants came singing your song
Moving your souls to High Heavens........

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Bordadera, Good Morning Yesterday

They come from the hinterlands of Tagaytay
Working tirelessly with hands
Spinning flax in and out of linens
Guided by needle-pulling-threads
Within the domain of the bastador

A visiting Filipina wanted to buy her painting
With a measely few pesos....
But refused to pay for the shipping cost
Either by land or post office
So after several negotiations dropped her
Like a hot potato....

So I kept it as a collection,
For all the world to admire
With embroidered products like linens
Barongs and Kimonas for men and women

Little Coconut Vendor

Little coconut vendor of the market...
I see you everywhere around
From the market selling grated coconut
Down to Makati exporting dessicated as my Romeo....

As two little boys running the streets ...
Pushing a wooden cart of green coconuts under the rain....
Oh what a beautiful sight I keep up in my memory stem.....
Now always around to welcome me homewardbound......
In the little stand selling Coconut Juice with shredded strands,
For a very comfortable five pesos.

May I Lay My Eggs Lord?

May I lay my eggs oh lord?
Let me have a nest to house these fruits
Coming from my womb of this generation
Swelling within this body....

Like a rabbit....a symbol of productivity....
Don't be harrassed by that fatallly attracted lady....
Just brush aside her suggestions....
Maybe she really is hungry for a place of her own.....

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Keep Still My Jittery Bug

Keep stilll my jittery bug
Nobody is here to harm you
Big brother is around and so with him too

Just remember not to bring home the ballot
Or the metal machines too
Leave them where you found them
Maybe the memories will follow you around

Who knows, it may wrap the food you nibble on
As you quietly rest in a little nook
Your little ones may not be around for the moment
Don't you know these are for them and you
As you turn around each corner...Turn your sail properly too....

Staring At A Blank Wall

My child...My life...staring at a blank wall again....
No kinetic energy from your eyes can leave a trace of you
Unless you work with your kneading hands
From clay or sand or from nature's hue

Each dream you weave with your wand
Has to be quantified by making it matter to others too
So when you cross this path again somebody can guide you
Who knows, I might tag along too.....

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Your Dreams Are So Expensive My Polly

Your dreams for an organ is so expensive my Polly
I am confused on the wants you are showing
Do you want to sing alone without accompaniment?
Asking for an organ without specifying

Is it a noble heart that you want?
Or a soldier's trumpet after a gun salute
Or you want a fencing acrobat from McDonald
Maybe a King with his Excalibre Sword

Or maybe to drink and dine with a stranger
As the Knight Percival searched for a Grail
Now transformed into wooden sticks
Used in a nine-ball billiard table

Don't expect for any commision coming
For you have spent all questions jamming

Selective Memory

I have been using selective memory eversince
As a teaching "Many are called but few are chosen"
To survive within our own existense
As a toddler or within a mother's womb?

To care for self and for the family where I stemmed
Tying the knot, I had seven siblings, with both parents
Now we are three myself, my better-half, and a son
All trapped in the computer jungle, still happily surviving

As I have chanced in the net of a stemmed cell theory
We are truly created for the Father's Kingdom
From a song "My Cup Overfloweth With Love"
Some will offer to catch it and offer it around

In the modern bussiness of franchising as coined
There's room for everyone guided from the center
For His command to "Go on and Multiply"
Sending messages at His Time

For His laws in Genesis within the Heavenly Creation
Recreating itself from Bedrock to the City
From the Jacks coming from the hills
Or from the the Lost City of Krakatoa in Java

Some poets or captain will guide you
Like a voice coming from Heaven

Nine Golden Carps

I feel like a Golden Carp in a little pond

Safe from being dragged into an unkown shore

For the pond built in the garden of my Father

Has a basin beneath that prevents overflow

Than be like a floating casino outside our domain

Where sharks will feed on our flesh within golden scales

I can only offer the beauty I represent holding the Holy Grail

Sustained by the bread offered at His table

Then that gives me the energy to swim around

For spectors to savor in mighty splendour

To payback the due for our keeping

Safely and peacefully in His Kingdom