my son archie


the run-away bride, your Mount Everest


Seek protection under the dove's wings

Our Lady Of Guadalupe

Our Lady Of Guadalupe
Graced by Nay Tita, your light shines on



Just A Piece In Her Chessboard?

Just A Piece In Her Chessboard?
To restore Arts Health and integration back to society

Eulogy For Marina

Eulogy For Marina
In Honor Of The Virgin Of Antipolo

I Am The Clown Bobo

I Am The Clown Bobo
Through her eyes, my grand daughter, Tiara Luise Imperial

Blessings To My Soul

Blessings To My Soul
Mama Tita, Your Light Lives On

Solar Energy From Lifeless Objects

Solar Energy From Lifeless Objects
A collection from my antiques

Oil In Nana's Kitchen

Oil In Nana's Kitchen
I Big Mo...from my cash register....

Born In The House Of Levi

Born In The House Of Levi
A design, concept and rendition in collaboration with my son

Artist In Saint Bartholomew

Artist In Saint Bartholomew
My niece Malen

Bitter-Sweet Memories

Bitter-Sweet Memories
Held at the entrance

Coconut Vendor, done by Carmen Herrera-Uy, early '80's, oil on canvasss

Coconut Vendor, done by Carmen Herrera-Uy, early '80's, oil on canvasss
Reserved for Manang Grace E-M...Herrera

Lotus, Emblem Of Truth And Purity

Lotus, Emblem Of Truth And Purity
By Oscar M. Figuracion Jr.

Keep Still My Jittery Bug

Keep Still My Jittery Bug
Kalachuchi flowers, a reflection....

My veil as a bride

My veil as a bride
Mother of one, surrogate of many

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Chasing Happiness

Chasing happiness is hard if not meant
The more you go after it the more it is spent
Like a fleeting butterfly it flies away
Just like a captured moment that refuses to stay
Happiness is from God He gives it readily
For those who show love and with Faith steady

For it is such a simple equation
Love equals happiness in your dominion
And God gives it happily
For all who welcome it easily

Monday, March 21, 2011

Oh Moon Shining Brightly

Oh moon shining so bright
Have you seen my love tonight
I missed him everyday
Eversince he went away

Oh moon above the sky
Can you see him from on high?
I don't know why he left
Maybe it is something I said

Oh moon shine on his way tonight
Guide him with your bright light
Then lead him to where I am
I will wait for him till he does come

Is he with someone close
I hope his coming back to me she will not oppose
Can you come between them and bring him to me
Then life will be as happy as can be

You Don't Ask For Love

You don't ask for love, you give it
Show love for others and it will return
Give smile and it will bounce back
For love is contagious and spreads readily

Show love for others and everything follows
All the good deeds you do will be like a deposit
Withdrawable anytime if you need it
So give love in whatever way you can

Give love to others, rich or poor
For such is the best thing to do
In time of troubles you may need help
Others you've shown love to will come to the fore

I Buried My Heart Under The Sand

Love unanswered, love refused
Hurt my feelings and was abused
To protect it for further damage
I buried it in the sand to avoid ravage

I was loveless for so long
My life was just like a sad song
Nobody to turn to when in distress
I was like a long lost mistress

But then love calls again
My heart refuses in vain
Shall I dig it out of the hole?
But for so long I have forgotten it my soul

Where would I start to search?
Just like a bird love did perch
But my heart has to reply
Have forgotten where, that, I can't deny

So what would I do to love without a heart?
Maybe hold his hand for a start
Then maybe I will remember then
Where this damn heart is that refuses to be broken

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Love Is Just A Smile Away

Love is just a smile away
A happy face melts trouble away
Friends will multiply with just a simple smile
A frowning face scares the others away

Oh I don't know what I would do
If I don't have friends around
People to share laughter with
And a kind shoulder to wipe your tears away

Friends are treasures in themselves
Keep the old and build new ones
You'll have friends more than you can hold
To brighten your day anytime

Saturday, March 19, 2011

My Art's Death

It has been four months since your death
And for that long I have not paid you a tribute yet
I miss you so though I try to keep busy
I still miss you specially your empty bed I see

I know I was not a perfect wife
I had all faults that cause us the strife
For all these I am sorry my dear
I feel sad when your strained voice I silently hear

I know you loved me very much
And I am sorry for my misbehaior as such
But I do love you, I solemnly swear
I mourn for you with the black dresses I wear

Tears flow down my cheek as I write this verse
It is only you I want and nobody else
There might be small attractions for others
Please don't mind this for you surpass all would be lovers

Missing your company inside the room
You had been very quiet because since pains loom
But just you beside me made me happy
Now I am sure you are always around me

For I still feel guided by your presence
Leaving behind something to pay for our daily expense
Even after death you are taking care of us both
Me and our son with all provisions you still cook the broth

All I can do now is to be prudent and make it grow
For your future generations and the third Arturo
I pray we meet again in the afterlife
In whatever form, guided by the light