my son archie


the run-away bride, your Mount Everest


Seek protection under the dove's wings

Our Lady Of Guadalupe

Our Lady Of Guadalupe
Graced by Nay Tita, your light shines on



Just A Piece In Her Chessboard?

Just A Piece In Her Chessboard?
To restore Arts Health and integration back to society

Eulogy For Marina

Eulogy For Marina
In Honor Of The Virgin Of Antipolo

I Am The Clown Bobo

I Am The Clown Bobo
Through her eyes, my grand daughter, Tiara Luise Imperial

Blessings To My Soul

Blessings To My Soul
Mama Tita, Your Light Lives On

Solar Energy From Lifeless Objects

Solar Energy From Lifeless Objects
A collection from my antiques

Oil In Nana's Kitchen

Oil In Nana's Kitchen
I Big Mo...from my cash register....

Born In The House Of Levi

Born In The House Of Levi
A design, concept and rendition in collaboration with my son

Artist In Saint Bartholomew

Artist In Saint Bartholomew
My niece Malen

Bitter-Sweet Memories

Bitter-Sweet Memories
Held at the entrance

Coconut Vendor, done by Carmen Herrera-Uy, early '80's, oil on canvasss

Coconut Vendor, done by Carmen Herrera-Uy, early '80's, oil on canvasss
Reserved for Manang Grace E-M...Herrera

Lotus, Emblem Of Truth And Purity

Lotus, Emblem Of Truth And Purity
By Oscar M. Figuracion Jr.

Keep Still My Jittery Bug

Keep Still My Jittery Bug
Kalachuchi flowers, a reflection....

My veil as a bride

My veil as a bride
Mother of one, surrogate of many

Friday, February 27, 2009

For This You Must Be Chosen

Man's term on Earth is but tempory
From this life we will all go thereafter
God must have a way to call you and me
Once our mission is done, we live forever

How our end will come is God's choosing
Through an illness or calamity we know not
The Lord selects each of us to his wing
We must all go willingly without a doubt

Our God must have chosen you for this
With Cancer you remain to be an inspiration
You said "Let it be, if that is His wish"
Seeking cure, with the Almighty in Total Union

From His bounty you have chosen treatment
From nature's plants you opted to seek therapy
But leaving up to God if a cure is really meant
Seeking a Life After with Him through Eternity

Thursday, February 26, 2009

This Day I Love Thee More

This day, I love thee more than I did before
You become more lovable as each day comes
Being closer to God that you ardently adore
Accepting every blow as inspired by the Psalms

Today I felt more that you do really need me
Something before that was taken for granted
I say the Lord with this Cancer He tamed thee
Making me realize, you are all I ever wanted

I say that with God's Grace we will be the victor
With you healed or not is really God's choice
Sooner or later we'll be knocking at Heaven's door
In the Afterlife with God's presence forever rejoice

Praying With You Is A Blessing I Cherish

Praying with you is a blessing I cherish
Petitions to God that all our hearts can wish
Kneeling together before the sacred altar
We can say faithfully Heaven is not that far

Everyday, we fervently pray for a cure
The two of us every trial we will endure
Reading to you the prayers as you intently listen
Thru your faith, for this illness, you must be chosen

Cancer is not enough to make you less of a man
Your strength is coming from the Mighty One
Going to church with you is something I relish
Walking away stronger as the ceremonies finish

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Your Strength Will See Us Through

Witnessing your strength though your burden is heavy
Keeps me going on without fear in spite of this adversity
Everyday I see the yoke of cancer corrupting your body
Yet not a single word of complaint though you are weary

Though death may not be far you still remain strong
Your words I will cling to forever like a sweet song
To God's will you say, your future really does belong
With your strength and courage nothing could go wrong

There is no room for questions and to ask God "Why?"
Not to admit my feelings of weakening at times is a lie
Added years on Earth is time we attempt to buy
Hope from alternative treatment we cannot deny

Today I almost Cried

Today I almost cried with misty tears in my eyes
Staring at our picture together in earlier years
Feeling melancholy though without the "Why's"
Trust in God makes us face tomorrow without fears

Today I almost cried, holding back the tears
Watching you asleep unmindful of your illness
Remembering days with you with all the cheers
All the long years together that God did bless

Today I almost cried holding your hand
Walking to the church entrance to hear mass
Your courage is enough to make us both stand
Undaunted and trusting in God's plan for us

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Each Day A Blessing

Each day that you are around is a blessing
Feeling all the joy that your presence does bring
Will keep me through all these hardship and pain
With God's grace and goodness pouring in like rain

You are God's present each coming of the day
Giving me happiness in whatever way
Waiting on you in all your want and need
Each command and request with pleasure I heed

Your quiet presence is enough to keep me going
Forgetting the pain that Cancer does bring
Your show of Faith in God keeps me inspired
In taking care of you I will never be tired

Alternative Treatment For Cancer

Art decided not to go under conventional treatment anymore because of the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation. He is now on alternative medicine. He takes guyabano (soursop), asparagus, and lemon grass (tanglad) juices morning and evening. Some friends told us that these are effective cancer cures. In fact the internet is telling us that guyabano is 10,000 times more effective than chemotherapy in killing the cancer cells without destroying the good cells of the body. The asparagus was able to totally heal a man of cancer within three months, according to the email of a friend. And tanglad juice has good cleansing effect. The write-ups in the internet about the effective cure these food bring are very promising.

The attitude of Archie, my son touched me. He is in the internet researching for cures most of his waking hours. "I cannot just sit back and watch my father die. I have to do something," he says. It is the primary factor in keeping up the hopes of my husband in surviving his cancer, my son's zeal in finding a cure for his father.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Poem I Have Written For My Husband

My Life, My Love

What would I do without you?
For years we have been together
Waking up each morning with you around
I couldn't ask for more and be happier

God has been kind to bring you to me
Through you I am happy with my life
Your presence graced my whole being
I could not be a more contented wife

Now with your life threatening Cancer
The danger of losing you haunts me
The strenght you show in this trying time
Will forever from now on keep me company

"If that is what God wants, let it be"
Your words have been my consolation
"I leave everything to God," you said
This gives me hope in this tribulation

In this late years I know it won't be long
Before God will call us to His Kingdom
The thought of meeting you there later on
Will console us though death may come

Feeling of Defeat

Consequences of Art's illness is starting to creep into me. It is giving me a little feeling of defeat and I am not liking it. I have to get over these feelings. Friends have been very kind and symphatetic and it is making things easier for us. But when I am left alone to myself already, worries start to sip in. But the thought of God's mercy and love taking over our lives once we surrender everything to Him gives me strenght. And witnessing my husband's bravery and Faith in this trying times has been my source of inspiration and hope.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

It is Cancer

It is cancer. My husband's tumor is malignant. He underwent CT Scan this morning to know the extent of his cancer. Tomorrow, an specialist from the States will examine him for a second opinion. Dr. Opulencia, his doctor believes that all of his tongue should be cut off. The specialist from the States will see if he can be cured through cobalt and chemotherapy without cutting his tongue. My husband Art said that if his tongue will be cut off, he will not undergo treatment anymore. He doesn't want to go on living without being able to socialize and tasting his food. We need all the prayers that can be offered for him.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Art's Tumor

I can hardly wait for Monday, when we will go to Art's doctor and know the result of the biopsy. My husband is taking it nicely, not showing any sign of uneasiness. Benign or not, he has to go under cobalt treatment to reduce the size. The doctors does not want to give us any idea yet how much it could possibly cost. The EENT especialist said that we will discuss it once the result of the biopsy is out. It could cost a lot, especially with the fact that we don't have any medical insurance except for Philhealth, which is given out to SSS retirees and which is not very much. But I know God will take care of everything. God will provide.