my son archie


the run-away bride, your Mount Everest


Seek protection under the dove's wings

Our Lady Of Guadalupe

Our Lady Of Guadalupe
Graced by Nay Tita, your light shines on



Just A Piece In Her Chessboard?

Just A Piece In Her Chessboard?
To restore Arts Health and integration back to society

Eulogy For Marina

Eulogy For Marina
In Honor Of The Virgin Of Antipolo

I Am The Clown Bobo

I Am The Clown Bobo
Through her eyes, my grand daughter, Tiara Luise Imperial

Blessings To My Soul

Blessings To My Soul
Mama Tita, Your Light Lives On

Solar Energy From Lifeless Objects

Solar Energy From Lifeless Objects
A collection from my antiques

Oil In Nana's Kitchen

Oil In Nana's Kitchen
I Big Mo...from my cash register....

Born In The House Of Levi

Born In The House Of Levi
A design, concept and rendition in collaboration with my son

Artist In Saint Bartholomew

Artist In Saint Bartholomew
My niece Malen

Bitter-Sweet Memories

Bitter-Sweet Memories
Held at the entrance

Coconut Vendor, done by Carmen Herrera-Uy, early '80's, oil on canvasss

Coconut Vendor, done by Carmen Herrera-Uy, early '80's, oil on canvasss
Reserved for Manang Grace E-M...Herrera

Lotus, Emblem Of Truth And Purity

Lotus, Emblem Of Truth And Purity
By Oscar M. Figuracion Jr.

Keep Still My Jittery Bug

Keep Still My Jittery Bug
Kalachuchi flowers, a reflection....

My veil as a bride

My veil as a bride
Mother of one, surrogate of many

Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Reason To Smile

Little child so full of wonder in your eyes
Innocent to all tall tales of lies
Can you come to my side for a while
And give your grandma a reason to smile

Your laughter ringing in my ears
Drive away the reason for my tears
For grandpa has gone ahead to Heaven
Leaving me lonely and grief stricken

Come little child, make me happy
You are as sweet as an angel could be...

Tracing My Path To Thee

Now I realize as I sit quietly in a room
That all I went through in my life was a cue
Of what path to take leading me silently to Thee
Taking along my beloved family

All the people I meet in my life
Are all but just deliveres of your message
Either through their name or life story
Lord let me not turn blind eyes and deaf ears to the needy

For what I have learned through my service to your church
Is to refuse thee no sacrifice each day
For if we refuse to heed the good call of our senses
We may loose them all from your wrath

Lord, let me know what should I accept or rebuke
That whatever I do is within your path...

Monday, July 11, 2011

For You I Pray

For your pains be eased, I pray to the Lord
Treatments you receive may your body absorb
And heal every broken cell inside
May they stop multiplying and be washed by the tide

May the Lord strengthen your will and Faith
Everything happens with His grace so great
Don't be defeated you are not alone
A host of angels are praying in your Father's Home

May your Faith in the Lord heal your spirit
And your body be built again and be fit
To make up for lost time with the family
Who are grieving for all the pains they see

The Lord will take care of you don't you worry
Hang on and go with Him to a complete recovery
This simple prayer I offer for all with cancers
For everybody ill and painfully suffers

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Looking For The One I Love

As I lay in my bed I could not sleep
I remembered my loved one with a sigh so deep
So I stood up and went to the garden
Hoping to ease the pains of this solitary maiden

I have been wandering of my loved one's whereabouts
I turned to the moon up above to ease my doubts
But the shy cowardly thing hid behind the cloud
Oh will you come out and give your answer aloud?

I walked in the garden to ask the flowers
A butterfly might have whispered to them as he hovers
But they turned still and silent as can be
I think I have to be contented to being with just me

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Yes, My Tears Belong To You

During Your final years my darling
I couldn't help to be unceasingly crying
I would not care if all our money runs out
As long as it prolongs your life
And it was extended to two years

Years of lying side by side
Silence between us convey the love
For each other that your illness can't defeat
Now with the sound of the music in your radio
I pretend that it is all coming from you

You refused to be less than a man
Refusing doctor's orders
That you will be reduced to be an invalid
Refusing your tongue to be cut
Nor put a whole in your stomach

At the end you turned out to be the victor
Dying in God's grace quietly with His blessing
And a decent burial attended by so many friends
A man of few words loved by everybody
Now I believe you are in Heaven trying to protect me

Shall I Fall In Love Again?

Tell me my darling, shall I fall in love again?
I cannot stand the pains of being all by myself
Especially at night when I am alone in our room
Your pillows are all that I embrace as my company

Work at the restaurant seems to make me forget
The uncertainties of tomorrow and all that I regret
Especially losing the chance of ever telling you
Of how I love you and miss your just being around

It has been eight months since you died
Some men manage to attract my attention
But I am not yet ready to give affection
Tell me, shall I fall in love again my darling?

Friday, July 8, 2011

Floating In Space

I feel like a feather separated from the Eagle's wings
Gliding down as pulled by the Earth slowly
For the air caresses me to buoy me up
Resisting the dictates of gravity

I tarry slowly playing in the wind
Going along wherever it leads me
I know my final destination will be on the ground
I hope I end up in some Indian Maiden's crown

Then I will stand as proud as can be
Atop the head of a beautiful lady
Will she meet her Prince that soon
What a moment's perfection that would be

I Just Make Believe In Lonely Nights Like This

I just make believe that we are the personification
Of the immortal Elizabeth and Robert Browning
Expressing their love for each other through poems
Me with the love poems I enter in my computer
And you with your songs on the radio playing
Oh I know I am a fool but a happy one indeed

Another lonely night alone supposed to be
If not for my newly acquired MP3 player
I make believe you give the answer online
To all my love pleadings through verses I write
But maybe it is God doing all these arrangements
Making all His lonely creations happy once more

Saturday, June 25, 2011

My Invisible God

My invisible God of omnipresence
Everywhere I go you seem to be around
Guiding me from dangers to my soul
You keep my mind and actions for your glory

I am just an imperfect individual
Sometimes with some uncontrolled emotions
Of love, anger and frustrations
That I try to avert through poems

My life consists of different crosses everyday
But sometimes with pure joy
Every joy brought by your presence
Some through simple pleasures in this world

But the purest joy is in the quietness of your palm

Friday, June 17, 2011

Under Your Shelter Lord

As long as there are birds in the sky
Trees around to host their nests
Every flower talking through their colors
Inviting you to stay for just a while

As long as I hear a mother's lullaby
Telling stories of wonder to their children
And wind blowing to make the lillies dance
As butterflies of different hues prance around

Then I know I am under your shelter Lord
In a home under the mantle of your protection
Craddled by Mother Mary in her arms
Protecting me like a little child from all harm

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

If I Could Write A Poem For Every Broken Heart

If I could pen a poem for every broken heart
And cook up some words for their loneliness
Then I could say I am successful as a bard

If my verses could mend their shattered dreams
And bring back to memory their lost sweethearts
And even for a moment pretend they are not apart

If my words could color the rainbow they hope for
That at the end they might find their dream of gold
Then everyone will be rich with happiness as foretold

As the lullaby promises pots of gold at the rainbow's end
Let us hunt for that dream as we pretend
That we never parted and are still around the bend

Let Me Cook Your Will To Perfection Lord

Help me cook your will to perfection Lord
Each passing moment as I go about my daily chores
Adoring your presence at every corner
People passing by let me not ignore

Someone needs some help sometime
Let me pen an inspiration to ease their burden
Or color my surroundings like a rainbow
Each hue reminding them of your Holy Presence

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Can I Just Be Quiet

Aware of his existense around
My heart is filled with pains again
I cannot steak a claim for his love
And this is giving me an aching heart

I cannot accept an illicit affair
Nor settle for a second best
It's you I have always longed for
You with the countenance of Jesus

This loneliness is killing me slowly
A tree once proud and filled with beauty
Now a weak sickly old woman
Will seeing you again cure me?

He Fancies Me

Now I want to believe it is true
That he really fancies me
Laying red carpets along the way
Through signs in billboards around

I am just a hound being commisioned
To run after his hunt
Just a sport to him filling his time
But I am working for my bones

A hefty meal my Lord will offer me
For running and bringing home the bacon
Maybe it will end as a taxiderm
In his room of the animal heads he conquered

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

May You Be Content With Just Being An Admirer

May you be content with just being an admirer?
Though I confess of a feeling that I cover
But the feeling is not limited to you
For I admire others too

I have plans of being just a widow
My husband looking from over the rainbow
I am sure he is happy how I try to recover
From the grief of his death to a life forever

I plan to heal all wounds of brokenness
With our son and his would be family that we bless
As my husband help me every time I pray
As he still provide for the family's way

Monday, June 6, 2011

A Rendezvouz With The Lord

Everyday I feel exhilirated after a short rendezvouz
With our Lord Jesus at the chapel of the nuns
At an early mass where I receive him at communion
And a Eucharistic adoration of His Body Of Host

Singing to God new songs daily
With the Holy Spirit's Help I am able to follow
In tune with the Heaven and angels
We all sing to the goodness of the Lord

Then every fear in the heart is allayed
For it is replaced with the body of Jesus I partake
Consecrated in the mass by the priests
The extensions of His desciples here on Earth

The Toll Is Too Much To Pay

The toll is too much to pay
For a little peace and happiness
Of keeping our lifestyle that you gave to us
Now we have to work hard and spend less

Darling, I think forgetting you will not come
And my grief is putting a toll on our son
I have pampered him before in his youth
Now the problem of surviving is giving him a hard time

I just pray to God that he finds the right vocation
To support his family of our newer generations
Then I can happily go with you
When I find him settled steadily with his family

Saturday, June 4, 2011

How Can Love Songs Matter

How can love songs matter if there is no you
All the tunes sound like one note of loneliness
And all the lyrics my love just make me blue
With all the men around I can't settle for second best

My aching heart inside cries with loneliness
Remembering our courtship together in some music bar
Can you stay for a while and in my heart build your nest
Then I can say to any tunes I hear, into my heart you are not so far

Friday, June 3, 2011

Aching Inside

I feel like I have the iron mask
Of being tough and stern among my peers
But deep inside I am aching
And alone inside is a lonely heart

I still miss the company of my husband
Who left me not for another woman but God
He answered God's call from above
I still search for the sign of his presence around

My husband I hope it is not too late to tell you
That I do love you with all my heart
Though I still fancy that other men are attracted to me
You can be assured that you still have my devotion

Please guide me in all the investments I am making
It is from your provision to us
Let me make it with your son till my turn comes
In this cold and indifferent world around

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Style Mo Bulok

Bulok ang style mo nang panliligaw
Kadiri ka pa sa langaw
Pasensiya na lamang kung kita'y tawanan
Pero hindi uubra iyan

Minsan dinadaan mo sa takutan
Akala mo kasing powerful ka ni Sadam
Lahat ng kilos mo ay unpolished
I would go for a real gentleman

Minsan dinadaan sa pakanta-kanta
Annoying to the ears and sight you know
Bakit ba ako ang pinupuntirya mo
Sugar mommy ba ang gusto mo?

Ako ba ay kalabaw na gustong gatasan
At tuntungan ng langaw
Intindihin na lamang ang trabaho pare ko
At huwag mang-hustle ng ibang tao.

Saturday, April 16, 2011


I am a workaholic again
Had a leisurely life before
After I retired from office work
My husband provided me with everything
Now he is gone I have to earn my living

Work done keeps me self assured and fulfilled
My release from the sea of insanity
If being a workaholic will be called an illness
Damn them, they should look for other means to earn money
Busy as a bee, happy as can be

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Chasing Happiness

Chasing happiness is hard if not meant
The more you go after it the more it is spent
Like a fleeting butterfly it flies away
Just like a captured moment that refuses to stay
Happiness is from God He gives it readily
For those who show love and with Faith steady

For it is such a simple equation
Love equals happiness in your dominion
And God gives it happily
For all who welcome it easily

Monday, March 21, 2011

Oh Moon Shining Brightly

Oh moon shining so bright
Have you seen my love tonight
I missed him everyday
Eversince he went away

Oh moon above the sky
Can you see him from on high?
I don't know why he left
Maybe it is something I said

Oh moon shine on his way tonight
Guide him with your bright light
Then lead him to where I am
I will wait for him till he does come

Is he with someone close
I hope his coming back to me she will not oppose
Can you come between them and bring him to me
Then life will be as happy as can be

You Don't Ask For Love

You don't ask for love, you give it
Show love for others and it will return
Give smile and it will bounce back
For love is contagious and spreads readily

Show love for others and everything follows
All the good deeds you do will be like a deposit
Withdrawable anytime if you need it
So give love in whatever way you can

Give love to others, rich or poor
For such is the best thing to do
In time of troubles you may need help
Others you've shown love to will come to the fore

I Buried My Heart Under The Sand

Love unanswered, love refused
Hurt my feelings and was abused
To protect it for further damage
I buried it in the sand to avoid ravage

I was loveless for so long
My life was just like a sad song
Nobody to turn to when in distress
I was like a long lost mistress

But then love calls again
My heart refuses in vain
Shall I dig it out of the hole?
But for so long I have forgotten it my soul

Where would I start to search?
Just like a bird love did perch
But my heart has to reply
Have forgotten where, that, I can't deny

So what would I do to love without a heart?
Maybe hold his hand for a start
Then maybe I will remember then
Where this damn heart is that refuses to be broken

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Love Is Just A Smile Away

Love is just a smile away
A happy face melts trouble away
Friends will multiply with just a simple smile
A frowning face scares the others away

Oh I don't know what I would do
If I don't have friends around
People to share laughter with
And a kind shoulder to wipe your tears away

Friends are treasures in themselves
Keep the old and build new ones
You'll have friends more than you can hold
To brighten your day anytime

Saturday, March 19, 2011

My Art's Death

It has been four months since your death
And for that long I have not paid you a tribute yet
I miss you so though I try to keep busy
I still miss you specially your empty bed I see

I know I was not a perfect wife
I had all faults that cause us the strife
For all these I am sorry my dear
I feel sad when your strained voice I silently hear

I know you loved me very much
And I am sorry for my misbehaior as such
But I do love you, I solemnly swear
I mourn for you with the black dresses I wear

Tears flow down my cheek as I write this verse
It is only you I want and nobody else
There might be small attractions for others
Please don't mind this for you surpass all would be lovers

Missing your company inside the room
You had been very quiet because since pains loom
But just you beside me made me happy
Now I am sure you are always around me

For I still feel guided by your presence
Leaving behind something to pay for our daily expense
Even after death you are taking care of us both
Me and our son with all provisions you still cook the broth

All I can do now is to be prudent and make it grow
For your future generations and the third Arturo
I pray we meet again in the afterlife
In whatever form, guided by the light

Monday, January 17, 2011

Through A Soft Sigh

Through a soft sigh as I passed by I knew you cared
And the passion I felt was the same
But then we were not free to express the feelings
One day you left leaving a darkness within

A girl I know reminds me of you
Helping her go through life may lessen my guilt
Unable to come near before as a grown up man
Now a harmless little child comes through

She has the soulful look of a searching eyes
Born poor, all I can do is send her to school
Until she has a career and find her own life
And find someone whom she can call her own